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Greek Government Compensation
28 February 2003
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February 28 was the deadline for the Greek government to produce the monetary compensation awarded by the European Court of Human Rights, for confiscating the property of King Constantine, Princess Irene and Princess Katherine.

The delay in payment, results in the imposition of significant daily fines on the Greek people.

Although all the required paperwork and attested copies have long been submitted to the appropriate authorities and have been validated by agents of the Treasury, the Deputy Minister Mr Fotiadis is not content with the Princess Katherine's passport copy. Despite his contention that the Government is not stalling the procedure, he himself refuses to sign the release of the compensation.

This deliberate delay on the part of Treasury Department transcends the time constraints of bureaucracy, as the plenum of the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos), has also confirmed the validity of the submitted documentation.

All necessary steps will be taken, and all required proof will be submitted, again, until the Government and Mr Fotiadis are satisfied, and in the hope that the process will swiftly be resolved.

The Case at the ECHR

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