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Many media insist on presenting the upcoming auction by Christie's in such a way, that false impressions are created. Specifically...
5 December 2006
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Despite the facts provided in this and other sub-sections of our web site regarding the items which were exported in 1991 and the sale of a number of these by Christie's, the following allegations are still being made:
These items are part of 'Greek national heritage'.
None of the items which were exported in 1991 were gifts from a foreign government; their provenance does not justify the label 'national heritage'.
The objects were either a) privately purchased for the furnishing of their private residence, b) privately purchased as collector's items, or c) personal gifts from relatives.
The press release issued by Christie's corroborates the personal character of the objects.
In 1991, items were 'stolen' from Tatoi.
It is easy for any journalist to verify the following: a) at the time, Tatoi and all of its contents were owned by the former Greek royal family, therefore b) they could have exported objects at any point without needing any specific permission; despite this, c)King Constantine asked for the following authorities to be present in order to maintain full transparency, d) the entire process was overseen by representatives of: the Ministry of Culture, the Bureau for Antiquities, the Customs' Office and the National Gallery, all of whom sealed the containers and gave exportation licenses.
The transportation transpired at 'night' or 'secretly'.
It is interesting how these allegations are being made, when at the same time, the footage presented shows that the transportation took place during the daytime.
Besides, there was no need for the items to be exported during the night or secretly, as all the legal requirements had been met.
Items were also removed from Mon Repos.
No items were removed from Mon Repos, despite the fact that the royal family were allowed to do so by law.
If King Constantine is not the owner, then he is covering for another member of the royal family.
No member of the former Greek royal family is the owner of the objects, which will appear at the Christie's sale.

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