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Developments at the Tatoi Estate
19 June 2007
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The Minister of Culture has announced that the process of cataloguing and restoring the chattels in the buildings has been resumed. In his statement to the media, Mr. Voulgarakis acknowledged that a large number of artefacts, paintings, objects of archaeological interest and Byzantine icons, most of which were considered to be missing, have been discovered.

This statement pleases and vindicates the royal family after years of unsubstantiated allegations regarding 'looting' of the buildings and removal of archaeological artefacts. Other than the list of objects which were legally exported in 1991, nothing further has been transferred overseas. These are the facts, as proven recently by the investigation of the Ministry of Culture, and not the fabricated accusations such as 'the new Elgin' which are repeatedly hurled in the name of television ratings and newspaper sales.

Had the State agreed to the numerous offers of collaboration, which the former King had extended, the matter would have long been resolved and the chattels would have long been protected.

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