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Frequently Asked Questions
How did the issue of monetary compensation come about?
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When the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) was delivered in November 2000, the options were twofold: a) return of the properties to the Applicants (past activities have illustrated the former King's willingness to negotiate the terms; his intentions have since been reaffirmed verbally and in writing), or b) compensation for these properties (the amount would be decided by the Court). The Government opted not to return the properties to the Applicants and not to negotiate.

The ECHR had asked both the Government and King Constantine to present estimations of the market value of the properties in question. The report prepared by a prestigious independent company on behalf of the Greek Government put the figure higher than the Dr161b presented by King Constantine, to Dr187b.

King Constantine most certainly did not want the Greek Government to pay money to him when a very simple alternative, i.e. the return of his properties, was always possible.

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