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Frequently Asked Questions
The valuations of the property
  Category: Legal

At the Court's request, both parties presented their evaluation of the three properties in June 2000. The figures of Dr161b and Dr187b were submitted respectively by King Constantine and the Greek Government.

Strangely enough, in November 1999, the fictitious figure of Dr625b had appeared in the Greek press. This was long before any estimates had even been asked to be prepared. King Constantine has repeatedly denounced this figure and in the press conference of November 2000, asked members of the Greek press to determine how this fabricated amount emerged.

The two parties received each other's reports after the ruling and were asked to submit observations on these, if an agreement had not been reached within a six-month period. Further supporting evidence was submitted in the reports of December 2001 and will be contained in the final papers now due on April 16th 2002.

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