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Frequently Asked Questions
The '94 Law - Annulment of Nationality
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We hereby cite some of the legal and historical arguments, which render the annulment of the former King of Greece's nationality, unacceptable.
  • 'The offspring of a Greek obtains the Greek nationality at birth' (Jus Sanguinis - Greek Code of Nationality).

  • 'One obtains the Greek nationality at birth if born on Greek soil, provided that one does not obtain by birth another nationality' (Jus Soli - Greek Code of Nationality).

  • The Greek nationality can be retracted only in the case that one '? voluntarily obtains a different nationality, or assumes a point of service in a foreign country, which is against Greek interests'. (Article 4 - Greek Constitution)

  • Article 15 of the International Declaration of Human Rights (1948) provides that 'Every person is entitled to a nationality. It is not acceptable to arbitrarily retract one's nationality, or his / her right to change it'.

  • Even when in 1924, the Greek Dynasty was deposed, and its members were forbidden to live in Greece, their nationality was not revoked.
    Moreover, during the political changeover, Prime Minister Karamanlis granted the royal family Greek passports.

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