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Press Conference on the developments regarding the 'Anna-Maria' Foundation
28 August 2003
Category: Interviews

King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie invited the Greek media on August 28th 2003, to inform them on the developments regarding the 'Anna-Maria' Foundation.

Summary of King Constantine's briefing (Note: the original text is in Greek).

Introduction - Aid to those afflicted by natural disasters
As I had announced at the press-conference following the European Court of Human Rights' decision on the compensation awarded to us for the confiscation of our property, my family and I have decided to utilise this money in order to help, to the extent that we can, our fellow-countrymen who have been stricken by natural disasters. We were led to this decision when the government charged this compensation to the budget appropriation intended for 'reimbursement for damages from natural disasters'.

Foundations such as the 'Anna-Maria', need time to complete the research, finalize legal procedures and, above all, appoint a Board of Directors, which will direct the projects with integrity and transparency.

For a foundation to achieve its long term objectives, it first needs to earn the public's trust, so that both those who need help and those who decide to participate in its efforts, have faith in the institution's ventures.

One of the target groups, as I mentioned earlier, are those who have been struck by natural disasters. Groups, not individuals. This means, that our undertakings will be for public benefit, not for single cases.

My colleagues and I, have studied, -and are on a daily basis looking into-, the damages from the floods in our islands and the mainland, as well as those devastated by the recent earthquakes.

There is however, another subject, which is of great concern to us. That is, we are interested in finding ways in which to confront the extensive problem of youth unemployment in our country.

Specifically, we will identify authorities in the field, and fund research into creative methods to tackle this important social wound.

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors was a matter of great consideration for my family and me. We believe that before long, the work accomplished by the Foundation, will attract experts and public figures from the wider social and vocational spectrum.

The initial composition of the Board, will be comprised of:

my wife, Anne-Marie,

our eldest daughter, Alexia,

our sons, Pavlos and Nikolaos.

Outside of Greece, I am pleased to announce that the following have accepted to participate in this effort:

Prince Hassan of Jordan, who is well known and respected in the fields of science and intellect.

The former President of South Africa F. N. De Klerk, awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the peaceful resolution of the transfer of power in South Africa and the establishment of constitutional democracy.

Mrs Mary Robinson, former President of the Republic of Ireland, who has achieved an extraordinary body of work in her capacity as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

From the Greek scene, we have two distinguished personalities joining us:

Mr Spriros Metaxas, a man who honours the meaning of 'friendship' and the essence of being Greek. Mr Metaxas is the man, who, in his efforts to attract the 1996 Olympic Games to Athens, set the basis for securing the 2004 Olympics,


the distinguished, both in the Greek and European artistic arena, Greek actress Ms Irene Papa.

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