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Interview with Sir David Frost
13 December 2008
Category: Interviews

HM King Constantine was a guest of renowned journalist, author and producer Sir David Frost, on Al Jazeera’s ‘Frost over the World’.
In analyzing the abhorrent events that took place in Greece last week, the former King underlined that ‘in a democracy you don’t need to wear balaclavas and hoods’ and tendered his thoughts on the deeper roots for the violent protests, the ‘years of frustration in the young people’ and on how to amend the current state of affairs.

Specifically, he expresses the hope that under the auspices of the President of the Republic, representatives from all social and political parties, including students, artists, intellectuals and the unions, can form a forum whose sole purpose will be to find the common goal for the future of our young people, through democratic dialogue.

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Interview with Sir David Frost
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