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King Constantine & Queen Anne-Marie visit Northern Greece
12 April 2006
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Wednesday, April 12th

Their Majesties arrived at Makedonia airport, Thessaloniki, from London. They plan to visit the city of Kavala and travel to various parts of Macedonia and Thrace.

The royal family fled from junta retaliation in the early hours of December 14th 1967 from Kavala airport, following the King's attempt to overthrow the dictators. The plane had enough fuel to reach Italy, from where a long period of exile begun.

Thirty-nine years later, they return to a place of both historical significance and personal consequence.

We will host details and photos in the forthcoming days.

Thursday, April 13th

Visit to the historical town of Philippous.

Friday, April 14th

King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie toured the areas which were recently devastated by floods, after the levees on the Evros banks collapsed.

Without prior notice, the founder and the President of the Anna-Maria Foundation visited the municipality of Orfeas, in order to assess the present state of the inhabitants and to be informed of how this destruction can be averted in the future. (Evros has flooded for two consequetive years, despite annual repairs to the levees).

The royal couple then departed for Didimotiho (on the Eastern boarder), where they were invited to lunch and discuss the village's concerns with the locals.

Saturday, April 15th

Visit to the Aghios Prodromos and Eikossifinissa Monasteries.

Sunday, April 16th

Their Majesties were shown around the Kavala Tobacco Museum and were invited to the Town Hall.

Monday, April 17th

Departure for Athens. 


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