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HM King Constantine's announcement regarding the 'Indignants' rallies'
15 June 2011
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Below is a translation of the Greek announcement by HM King Constantine

I have been receiving numerous messages requesting me to issue a statement on an unprecedented phenomenon in Greek history, the rallies of the ‘Indignants’.

I have, in the past, advocated the need for the ‘silent majority’ to voice its judgment in view of the big, crucial times for the nation.

(The need for the ‘silent majority’) to put across its own perspective to the political leadership, who should (in turn) listen and respond before the people reach the point of Indignation.

The fact is that the public had initially accepted the gravity of the situation as well as the necessity to contribute towards the national effort in dealing with the fiscal adjustments. The transition from patience to indignation, especially to the degree expressed (at the rallies), is but a meager step.

The peaceful rallies that we see today in many parts of the country are, without doubt, a sign of genuine Democracy, a sign of taking responsibility, (a sign) of civility and of participation in public affairs.

However, one cannot help but wonder ‘what is, what should be the next step?’ The crowds are not going to stay out in the streets forever. Will their indignation cease once they return to their homes? Is the ‘silent majority’ who has chosen to remain home, not indignant? The demonstrations will draw to an end. The message, however, will not be forgotten; it will continue to resonate in silence.

The wish I would like to convey is that this public manifestation of indignation remains as pure as it first started. (That it remains) Spontaneous, without trace of demagogy, free of partisanship and, above all, peaceful.

Constantine R.

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