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A Statement Issued by King Constantine
1 December 2000
Category: Speeches

The following statement was issued by the Private Office of HM King Constantine, former King of Greece.

During the last few weeks, there have been numerous claims regarding the amount of money King Constantine is seeking for what the Court of Human Rights has ruled as rightfully his properties. Most of these figures are well in excess of £1 billion but King Constantine has never in fact asked the Court for any such amount or has ever made any statement which would support these figures. There have also been references to the amount of taxes supposedly owed by the Greek Royal Family and suggestions that these taxes will be written off against King Constantine's claims.

King Constantine is seeking to have his home and the graves of his ancestors returned to him. The Court has ruled that if the Greek government confiscates King Constantine's properties, they cannot do so without just satisfaction. The Court suggested a period of six months for an amicable solution to be resolved. If this is not achieved, then the Court will decide as to the amount of fair compensation. For this purpose the two parties involved have been asked to supply the Court with valuations of the relevant properties. These studies were done by reputable international firms and they bear no relation to the figures put forward by the media as claims by King Constantine.

As far as the subject of taxes is concerned, it is hereby stated that whatever demands for taxes have been put forward in the past, they have all been settled by King Constantine, and the tax authorities of Greece have certified this in writing.

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